Mind Your Step /Ishikawa Shunosuke

Recorded at Pastorale Sound, Tokyo 2014/15


Tenor and Soprano Saxophone Shu Ishikawa

Piano :Jacob Koller (

Bass:Patrick Glynn (

Drums:Dennis Frehse (


Piano:Tamashi Goto (

Bass:Yosuke Terao (

Drums:Akira Kudo (


Trumpet:Mitsuru Tanaka (1.5.8)

Trumpet,&Flugel Horn Yoshiaki Kayano  (3.4.7)

  1. (C)Delicatessen Recordings

Label Produced by Takeshi Nakatsuka

Over the years, I've been able to drink in the space and warmth of many individual places; studying in Holland, playing live shows abroad or living my daily life in Japan. When writing music, I will often envisage a single scene drawn on a single piece of paper to create sounds, and in those single scenes it will always be raining or a bright, sunny day.

For me, it's vital in both composition and performance to create that sense of space and atmosphere where any difference in climate or culture can be transported by music to be felt on the skin.

My contemporary jazz based recordings touch on various styles from the rain soaked sound-sketch of Yuuchin, to Leiden Centraal; a composition for a walk in the park on a bright, sunny day.

The young and energetic musicians who joined me on the recordings (from Germany, USA and Japan) have mixed an international feeling within a traditional jazz set-up and we have managed to capture the excitement of one-take live jazz.

Anyway, be it rainy or sunny, I hope you enjoy the music.                 2015 July 30th,    Shu


Mind Your Step

2015 9.16 Release!!

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New Album will be released on Sep 16th 2015

Mind Your Step / Shu Ishikawa

Gig info 2015 September:

1/9   @Dertien (Rotterdam) http://www.dertienrotterdam.com/

2/9   @De Kring Opening for Benjamin Herman(Amsterdam)


3/9    @CC Cafe (Amsterdam) http://www.cccafe.nl/

9/9    @Spice of Life (London) http://www.spiceoflifesoho.com/

11/9  @Badenscher Hof(Berlin) http://www.badenscher-hof.de/

12/9  @Badenscher Hof(Berlin) http://www.badenscher-hof.de/

copyright © 2015 shunosuke ishikawa  all rights reserved.

Shunosuke Ishikawa Quartet:

Shu Ishikawa (Sax)

Yuta Kaji (Gt)

Yosuke Terao (Ba)

Akira Kudo (Dr)